While your favorite DJ out doing Jesus poses, throwing cake into the crowd or chugging down tequila, Damien... he just plays records.

Damien Plays Records is a semi-regular live radio show. No cameras, no Ableton, no post-production, just four decks, a mixer and a microphone.

DPR a concept, a war cry, a rebellion against the idea that everyone can be a DJ without any respect or concern for the craft, the history or the ultimate purpose of DJing. Far from trying to be divisive, it is instead meant to be inclusive and fiercely designed to remind everyone that the only job of a DJ is to choose the next record.

Those who understand this definition as diminutive are missing the entire point. It is the single hardest thing to do. It is why real DJs spend their entire time preparing, crate digging, practising, and learning their craft. So that when the time comes to pick that next record, they naturally know what and how.

On DPR, we play house.

Don't let yourself be fooled by all the marketing BS or by music sites, DJs and promoters who would like to box our music into a three letter fad. House Music is not a fad, House Music is not pop, House Music supersets all the other genres, House Music lives in clubs not at concerts, House Music is and always will be at the root of it all.